Improve the Fuel Economy of Your Motorbike, with Motorcycle Dyno Tuning at Mona Vale’s Motorcycle Weaponry

Have you been burning through tanks of gas on your bike quicker than in the past? Seeing the fuel economy of your bike decline can be incredibly frustrating, and not just because you must fork out more cash to get from point A to point B. On the contrary, problems with fuel economy are primarily a hassle because it’s so difficult to figure out exactly what’s going on—or to find an affordable fix.

At Motorcycle Weaponry, not only can we help you identify the fuel economy problems with your bike, but we can also assist you in finding an easy fix. We offer what is called motorcycle dyno tuning at our Mona Vale shop. This service involves hooking your bike up to a diagnostic tool called a dynamometer. The dynamometer simulates riding conditions for your bike so that we can measure your engine’s performance while the engine is running with the wheels spinning. From there, we can adjust your bike’s engine management system in pursuit of superior performance.

Why Dyno Tuning Can Help with Your Bike’s Fuel Economy

So why should you bring your bike in for a dyno tuning in Mona Vale if you are looking for a fuel economy boost? In the motorcycle world, dyno tuning is often thought of as a procedure to get more speed and power out of a bike. Professional bikers and racers will often invest in dyno tuning specifically for this reason.

Because dyno tuning is linked with racing, most street riders don’t necessarily associate it with fuel economy benefits. After all, preserving fuel is rarely a priority for racers. However, the fact is that engine performance, power, speed and fuel usage are all interconnected. By tuning your engine, you can get more power and more speed, but you can also make it, so your bike is more fuel efficient.

How does it work, you may ask? Essentially, we put your bike on the dynamometer and hook it up to a series of computer systems. We then get the bike running and measure its performance throughout the RPM range—from slow, easy riding to midrange speeds, all the way up to highway speeds. Throughout this range, we measure torque and power, looking for spots in the RPM range where the bike runs into trouble. Are there dead spots in the RPM range, or areas where the bike has to use surges of power to maintain a speed? These types of issues exist on many bikes, caused by everything from exhaust system issues to clutch problems to bad bearings to problems with the brake or wheel alignments. However, they are difficult to sense out on the road—especially when you are focusing on so many other things.

With a motorbike dyno tuning from Mona Vale’s Motorcycle Weaponry, you can find out where your bike is failing in the RPM range and why. From there, we can adjust the engine management system or provide repairs and part replacements to fix the issue. Our goal is to avoid dead spots and power spikes, giving your bike a smoother ride while also enhancing fuel efficiency.

Schedule Your Motorcycle Dyno Tuning in Mona Vale Today

If your bike seems to be getting worse fuel economy than it used to, don’t assume it’s just your imagination. There is a good chance that your motorcycle is encountering problems somewhere in the RPM range that is leading to fuel problems. With Motorcycle Weaponry, you can detect these issues and fix them before they cost you too much money in gas. To schedule your dyno tuning in Mona Vale, give us a call on +61 2 9979 4744 today.