Get the Most out of Your Bike, with Motorcycle Dyno Tuning in North Shore

When you ride a motorcycle, it should feel as if the bike is doing everything you want it to do at only the slightest urging. It should feel as if your bike is an extension of you, instead of a disconnected hunk of metal machinery with a couple of wheels. Especially as you become more experienced on your bike, you want to be in tune with how your motorcycle handles.

At Motorcycle Weaponry, our job is to help you turn your bike into something that honestly feels as if it will respond to your every whim. We offer motorcycle dyno tuning in the North Shore area—a service that is vital for getting the most of your bike. If you want to take your motorcycle experience to a new level, then a dyno tuning service is a must.

What Is Motorcycle Dyno Tuning?

So, what is dyno tuning? Perhaps you just started riding motorcycles a few months ago, or maybe you’ve just never taken your bike in for a dyno tuning in North Shore. Either way, you certainly aren’t the only motorcyclist who has never tried out this essential service.

Essentially, dyno tuning is a motorcycle tuning process that involves the use of a machine or tool called the ‘dynamometer.’ (At Motorcycle Weaponry, we have our own dynamometer in our shop.) This diagnostic device allows us to run your bike and simulate riding conditions right there in our shop, without needing to take the motorcycle out on the road. While running your bike on the dynamometer, we hook it up to several computer systems to measure the performance of the engine and engine management system.

Because the dynamometer allows us to monitor your bike’s engine and engine management system while the engine is running, it gives us the opportunity to make on-the-fly tweaks to the engine management system. These tweaks are meant to achieve superior performance from your motorcycle.

Does Your Motorcycle Need Dyno Tuning in North Shore?

Some motorcyclists assume that dyno tuning is only about supercharging their bikes to make them go faster. Even if you aren’t after extra speed from your bike, though, coming to Motorcycle Weaponry for motorbike dyno tuning in North Shore can be a worthwhile use of your time. Dyno tuning gives your bike the ability to achieve higher power, which can improve rideability and even boost fuel economy. With higher power, you won’t have to use as much throttle to retain highway speed, which reduces fuel use and brings about an easier, more pleasant riding experience. You will feel your bike responding to your every move, instead of struggling to give you the power or speed you want.

Has your motorbike been seeming sluggish lately? If so, it might benefit from a tune-up. With a motorcycle dyno tune from North Shore’s Motorcycle Weaponry, you can get the exact, meticulous tune-up you need to get the most out of your bike. To schedule an appointment for your North Shore dyno tune, give us a call on +61 2 9979 4744.