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Based in Mona Vale, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Motorcycle Weaponry has been an industry icon on the Northern Beaches since 1997.  Over this time, Motorcycle Weaponry created a reputation for quality workmanship, expert advice and great customer service.

Under new management since June 2017, new owner Rob Clark and his NEW team intend to further extend this hard fought reputation, taking it to the next stage of workshop excellence.  As previous Weaponry customers and motorcycle enthusiasts, the new team here want your experience at Weaponry to be memorable – for all the right reasons!

Our workshop will keep your ‘Pride and Joy’ on the road and always performing at its peak.  As riders and fellow motorcycle enthusiasts, we understand the importance of high quality work and craftsmanship with every bike entrusted into our care.

We take great pride in the work we do.  Equally, we place value in genuine customer service, with clear communication.  Most importantly, our technicians are not faceless people in a back room – you are able to speak directly with the actual mechanic working on your motorcycle at any time.


Our Services


We have a dedicated team of professional, licensed motorcycle technicians. Each of whom you are able to speak directly when they are working on your motorcycle. Our workshop is geared to work on all makes and models; whether they be sports bikes, cruisers, vintage or classic, as well as European, British, Japanese or American.


Our licensed technicians offer expert advice and excellent customer service. In repairing your bike, every detail is taken into consideration and no damage is overlooked. You can rest easy knowing that your machine is in good hands. There is no job too difficult for us!

Dyno Tuning

We have our own in-house Dyno Tuning facility. This allows us to measure the air-fuel ratio and the power output of your motorcycle. We are able to fine-tune your bike without the need of road testing it, all within a controlled environment. Bring your bike to us and we will make sure it is race ready!


Correct suspension setup is one of the most important factors when riding your motorcycle, especially when cornering. We will ensure that your bikes suspension is set up properly and individually suited to you; the rider.


We sell and fit all the leading brands! We will ensure that your bike is fitted with the perfect tyres to suit your riding style. Speak with one of our experts about which tyre works best for you.

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